Essential Building Materials

Building your dream home from the foundation up? Adding on to your new home with a luxurious new expansion? Elliott Lumber, Inc. has all of the critical construction materials you need to build a strong, sturdy living space. We help make sure you’ve got everything from lumber to shingles and beyond, so your development is rooted in stability and quality.

Products we carry

Our selection of building materials in Oxford, MS encompasses literally everything you need to get your construction project under way and built to the highest level of quality specifications. Come to us for all of the following products:

Don’t forget, we also have all of the tools you need to ensure a build that’s done to precision and perfection! If you’re looking for a power tool or hand tool that you might not have on hand, get in touch with us or speak to one of our professionals to get what you’re looking for. We also stock things like sandpaper, saw blades and drill bits, which can vary depending on the project.

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For more information about the products we have in stock or to speak with one of our knowledgeable professionals about a specific building product or material you’re looking for, please contact us today by calling 662-234-3211.